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Granada Getaway

303 North Main Street

Granada Getaway, Minnesota 56039

Call us today: (507) 236-0317

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 304

Fairmont, MN 56031



Deb & Kevin Kelly


Former owners of Picture This! Scrap That! 2007-2019 in Fairmont, MN.

Also owners of Ormsby Getaway Retreat House at 207 Broadway Avenue in Ormsby, MN.


Southern Minnesota's largest scrapbooking store has officially closed its doors after being in business for 17 years. Deb Kelly, owner of Picture This! Scrap That! for 13 years, has officially retired.



Granada Getaway is set up to accomidate a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 14 people in one group. You can rent Granada Getaway from Friday-Sunday. You can add more days if you wish too. All payments are made to Picture This! Scrap That! six weeks in advance the day you will be staying. You are required to put down a damaged deposit/hold the date when acquiring a reservation. Groups are available to arrive after 9am of day scheduled and leave on the last day by 3pm.


Granada Getaway is a great place to work on your crafts. Five foot table, waste basket, and a cupholder are provided for each person. There is a Cricut with cartiages of all sorts for you to use (must provide your own mat) and a computer for you to use for journaling. There are two cutting boards with two cutting mats and two big-board ironing boards (must bring your own iron). WIFI throughout building.


Friday through Sunday $138.94 per person

Thursday through Sunday (minimum of 8 of the 10-14 people) $165.66 per person

Contact Deb Kelly (507-236-0317) for additional days.

All payments must be received six weeks in advance.

Damaged Deposit/Hold The Date ($280) is paid when the reservation is made.

We accept personal checks, cash, or CashApp.

No refunds six weeks prior to arrival.


You are up to two weeks after your stay to decide if you want to book the same time next year.

You deposit will carry until your next stay.


All beds are twin size. Soft sheets, pillow, and comforter are on each bed. Two towels are provided for each person. First bedroom has two beds. Second bedroom has three beds. Third bedroom has four beds. Four bedroom has five beds.


The kitchen is fully equipt with everything you would need to make/cook/bake for your group. Crock pots, pans, bowls, coffee maker, Keurig and much more for you to use. There are two stoves and two refrigerators along with a microwave in the kitchen.


There are two bathrooms by the work area. There are three bathrooms with showers near the bedrooms.


There is a sitting area with two couches, rocker, two chairs, TV and DVD player.

We also have a fancy massage chair that you can try out for just $10 for every 30 minutes. 



Photo Credit: AshBlaze Photography & Designs

Granada Getaway is located in a quiet lot at the north end of a small town in southern Minnesota called Granada. It is only 7 miles from Fairmont, MN.

Granada Getaway is a beautiful building that once was a Congregational Church whose members became too few to keep it going. In November 2007 it was sold to Deb & Kevin Kelly, former owners of southern Minnesota's largest Scrapbooking Store. It has since been gutted and renovated.


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This calendar is for availability for both Ormsby & Granada Getaways.

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Ormsby Getaway!

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We also have Ormsby Getaway available for you to stay at!

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207 Broadway Avenue

Ormsby, Minnesota 56162

(507) 236-0317

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Photo Design: AshBlaze Photography & Designs

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